Escape Off The Plantation


I am the OldBlackGuyOnDaRight.  The name fits me based on age and political stance.  I grew up in South Central Los Angeles.  What more can I say.  In 1994, I lived in Westchester (Part of Los Angeles, Home of LAX).   Election day, I went to my polling location ready to vote for Jane Harmon.  Decent Democrat who always looked out for Coastal LA area (Malibu to Palos Verdes).  I was shocked and upset when I got my ballot, Maxine Waters and some other guy.  I was so upset that I had the poll workers show me a map.  Across the street from my house was Jane Harmon’s district!  

At this point, I had been a conservative for about 18 months.  Rush Limbaugh and Bill Clinton converted me.  I had never listened to Rush prior to the 1992 Presidential election and I voted for the Cool Sax Playing Player, Bill.  I had heard that Rush was prejudice and was spewing his opinions on the radio for three hours a day.  Shortly after Bill Clinton’s inauguration, I started listening to Rush at work.  Rush was hitting on all the themes that were bothering me about the government.

So in either in July or August 1993, I got a $100 week raise, but I really wasn’t paying attention to what Congress and the President was doing.  Those clowns passed and signed into law a retroactive tax increase!  Passed in August, effective previous January 1.  So the government started taxing me at my new rate plus extra to get the taxes I didn’t pay prior to August.  So effectively, I saw about $26 of a $100 week raise.

Take note, I hate paying taxes.  So just like rich people, I had to find a way to shelter MY EARNINGS from the Feds.  I bought a house and I became a staunch conservative.  I visited Maxine Waters office on 102nd and Broadway once a month for the next seven years.  I became a Rush Limbaugh subscriber and politically active.  So technically, I escaped from the Democrat Plantation.

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